What are the BassAwards?

The BassAwards are the international annual awards program that rewards high-profile broadcast best design around the world, from television and film to commercials and experimental.

How do I know if I’m already registered?

If you have entered in http://www.bassawards.org/ and fulfill the registration form, then you are registered.

If you have only entered your email to receive our Newsletter, you are not registered in our contest, so you have to complete the registration.

Forgotten password?

Use the ‘forgot your password?’ feature on the ‘SUBMIT YOUR WORK’ page that will send the required information to the e-mail address you indicated when registering.

Forgotten email address?

If you have forgotten the email address you used when you registered, email your full name and company to hello@bassawards.org, indicating as subject ‘Forgot my email address’.

I would like to submit entries to the BassAwards, how can I do so?

The BassAwards differentiate 10 different categories. Each of them has some specific requirements and conditions.

The ‘call for entries’ is open from 29th March 2016 till 7th June 2016. To submit entries, go to ‘SUBMIT YOUR WORK’.

Which category should I enter?

The BassAwards have 9 judged categories and 1 global one (Best Agency of the World) (See ‘RULES AND FEES’).

There can be overlap in some of the categories and it is up to the entrant to choose which is most appropriate for that particular entry.

An entry can be entered to multiple categories as appropriate, and has to be paid for each category it enters.

Can I enter more than one category?

Yes, you can enter more than one category and also more than one piece in the same category, if it satisfies the specifications required. In that way you can increase chances of winning.

Moreover you can register the same piece in more than one category.

Remember each entry must be paid individually in each category, even though it is the same piece.

What is the timeframe for pieces?

All the videos must have been produced in 2016-2017 and not have been enrolled in the last edition of BassAwards (2016).

When can I submit my work?

The ‘call for entries’ is open from 21th March 2017 till 30th May 2017.

I need to revise some credits for my entry, can I do so?

You can do all the changes you want and save them before paying the fee. Once paid, no changes will be accepted.

The BassAwards recommend you to check the credits before doing the payment, because this information will be used if you become a winner.

How much is the fee?

Fees are different depending on the date the piece is registered. Yo have a look at the calendar, go to ‘RULES AND FEES’.

What payment types do you accept?

Credit Card (via PayPal).

How can I be sure you have received my entry?

After you fill out an entry form and complete your payment, you will receive an email with the confirmation.

Through PayPal the confirmation will be automatically put in ‘UPLOAD PIECES’ in your ‘MENU’.

If you do not receive an email confirmation within twenty four hours, please email hello@bassawards.org.

Can I withdraw my entry? Will I get a refund?

You may withdraw your entry by emailing hello@bassawards.org . However, you will not receive a refund.

What do if want an invoice?

For invoices, you have to send an email to hello@bassawards.org, indicating in the subject “Invoice request” and the name of the pieces paid.

The BassAwards only issue an invoice for the total registered pieces.

How will entries be judged?

Criteria are described in the ‘RULES AND FEES’.

Is it possible to receive the judges rating and comments for my site?

Due to the volume of entries, the BassAwards have not offered individual comments to its entrants.

How can I know if I have won an award?

Winners will be announced around July 2017.

They will be contacted by email. No request in this aspect will be answered.

Winners will be announced on http://www.bassawards.org/.

Can I order duplicated trophies for members of my team, clients and others if I win? Can I get certificates or other merchandise to commemorate being selected as winner?

Yes. To help promote achievement, the BassAwards provide its gold winners a trophy designated specifically for our contest and a digital certificate. Additional trophies can be purchased.

‘Silver’ and ‘Bronzes’ may purchase a framed certificate.

All Winners- ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Bronzes’- will be included on the BassAwards site’s winner’s page.

Do you hold an event that we have to attend to receive our award?

No, no event is planned at the moment. If the organization decides to promote an Awards ceremony, we will announce it on our website and in our newsletter.

How can I be a media partner?

For information, please contact hello@bassawards.org indicating in the subject ‘Media Partner Opportunities’.

Why do the BassAwards collect personal information?

See Privacy Policy in the bottom side of our web.

How do the BassAwards registration site protect data?

Account data is protected by two independent security protocols: encryption of data, and a unique username and password combination chosen by the user. No account information can be accessed unless a registrant’s username and password have been correctly entered.

Can I rent the list of the BassAwards entrants or winners?

No. We do not rent or sell our entrant or winner lists.

My question is not answered here. How can I contact you?

If you still have questions about the BassAwards, please email hello@bassawards.org.