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NGOs reflect the effort of hundreds of thousands of people who want to change the world. Whether fighting for children’s rights, trying not to overexploit environmental resources, warning of the savage violation of human rights in some countries, or fighting for respect towards the environment, these organizations seek to disseminate a consciousness-raising message to everyone. Videos are definitely the best way to do it.

The intrinsic values of a cause can be captured in the most striking and effective way, so that millions of people of different languages, races and beliefs can understand them. The power of moving images is fabulous.

The power of a video is clear, but being original, different, and groundbreaking is increasingly difficult. Nowadays, everything is already invented, even what you’re thinking  about in this very moment. To stand out among so many stimuli is tremendously difficult, although there are audiovisual messages that do so.

Increasingly, the viewer receives messages about social matters in great proportions. In the street, in magazines, in traditional advertising … and for this reason, audiovisual production becomes a perfect tool to spread ideas through awareness videos.

A little grace, creativity, good technique and much talent can deliver incredible results, which will enormously help a message being spread, by means of television or social networks, word of mouth, from eye to eye, to finally change the world. There is no doubt about it. Today we have the amazing power to change the world with a video. They are already many organizations doing so: Oxfam, WWF, Save The Children, etc.  spreading, raising awareness among millions of people around the world with spectacular results.

BassAwards has real commitment to social development and environmental protection. We cannot and we do not want to stay aside in this important changing process and we want to collaborate to promote NGOs, foundations and responsible companies that use motion graphics in their campaigns, as well as freelancers or agencies that serve as the basis for making these. Our contribution is allowing them become visible for free in our awards, not only as entities, but helping them spread their message through our Best Social.

You only have until October 30th. Make the most of this opportunity. See the Best Social Rules here.

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