BASSAWARDS is born from the premise of rewarding the disciplines of design that in recent years that has grown exponentially:broadcast design, motion graphics and animation. Many contests pay attention to this disciplines within their ranks but they are very generic when creating unique categories where commercial, identities, animations, etc. are competing.

BASSAWARDS is the awards program that rewards the high-level and the best design around the world, from film to television. The visual design becomes a competitive advantage within the industry, improving products and making them more profitable. Whether in film or television identities, creativity and visual design convey ideas, philosophies and histories that help improve a product.

BASSAWARDS wants to make visible the work of high-quality of studios, companies, or agencies, working around the world and position them how and where they deserve. And what better insignia for these awards, that using the Bass surname, doing a humble tribute of the biggest promoter of the titles, Saul Bass, the impeller of motion graphics.

The goal of BASSAWARDS is allowing actors of broadcast design, animation and motion graphics occupy the place they deserve and reward the best audiovisual works in the world and the works that reflect higher quality in design.

Welcome to BassAwards!